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I've known about NG for a while, just haven't had the balls to jump in with an account, wish i was born in the 90s, be neat to see that, Planning on making mega-man fan stuff, opinions + help on material, potential programming and sprite work is cool too




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Pondking Sprite Progress 2

Posted by Joykillz - November 13th, 2019

Well Nuts to me I guess, Can't find any satisfactory Voxel editor, so I guess I'm going back to screwing around with less complex things, along with 2d sprites.

On the other hand, at least I've been tinkering with the 2D versions still so they look nice.

Still have to figure out how I'm going to better distinguish Pondking/Menance Man from the normal sniper joe, can't go overboard and I want to keep the color pallet below 40, eesh.

On the other hand I've written a more typical and readable story.

Here's an Excerpt

"Zander was standing at the sidelines, watching the Race along with every other pair of eyes focused on the two Robot Racers at the front, Sencillo and Pondking. The hard turn approached, Sencillo made was the first to react, quick as always the violet machine flicked the steering left, water coming up in flourish with Pondking quickly doing the same.

The dark green grip hand of Pondking revved the engine of his Wavebike just enough to come to the right of Sencillo, then took his foot off long enough to kick Sencillos’ right arm. This sent the other bike and its rider careening into track buoy line, followed by getting hit by two other racers who joined the robot tangled in the buoys.

The Crowd roared almost as much as the announcer, “There’s the Second time that Robot has to pull a stunt ladies and gentlemen and woo boy I would not want to be in that crash crowd”, Pondking kept speed, took a large turn spraying water so far to the right it almost touched the bleachers.

“You people paid good money for some thrills didn’t you? Well here they are now, Pondking takes the lead with a company close behind but with Sencillo, Pickles-o-plenty and Met-speed in the deep end, I don’t think they’ll catch up.”

Just so everyone knows, if you would like to get in on this stuff and provide feedback, I'd gladly provide a sprite or two along with some more written material.

Review and reasonable criticism is appreciated!